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the good of the earth


Ours are not just any potatoes.
We choose only the best-the tastiest and the right size.
We bake them slowly in a special oven that makes the heart soft and the skin crisp and flavorful.

We mash the potatoes only with extra virgin olive oil from Ligurian olives and a pinch of salt,
Because we like the authentic taste of genuine products.

Cheeses, fondues, vegetables, sausages, sausage, fish, sauces and pestos, as well as regional recipes prepared in our kitchen: you will find only the highest quality ingredients in our fillings.


The potato, the ultimate simple food.
To enhance it, we choose quality ingredients and tasty recipes, playing with the variety of Italian cuisine.

We select fresh, seasonal and wholesome products. We prefer local realities, attentive to local impact.

Our proposal of fillings is the richest imaginable, and it varies periodically so that you can always try new combinations.

the colors

The most beautiful moment we all know. And it’s all yours.
Like a painter with his blank canvas, you can choose how to stuff your potatoes.
And what better colors than those in season?
Indulge yourself with our products, all fresh, seasonal and from local producers.

Some recipes will keep you company all year round, such as the legendary Carbonara
or the Cuor di burrata, timeless and must-have classics from Poormanger.

Others will be loved throughout the season and then leave,
But only to return better than before.

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